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Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, create a way to contribute to the Banano ecosystem and contribute to the betterment of the world, however small it may be. We hope that by combining raffles (with more games and events to come), a feeless instant well-designed cryptocurrency, a growing and positive community, and charity, that we can help others in a way that creates cause awareness through fun incentives rather than a making a single payment and forgetting about it.

This project's goal is to be completely community reliant based on four major components

  1. Accumulating bans for charity via community participation in weekly raffles
  2. Community voting (via donations) determines which charity the money goes to
  3. The money not donated (~30%) is redistributed back to the community via our faucet and as raffle prizes

Community Stats

bananoLogo An initiative by bananoLogo
thearistotle and PerryPal

bananoLogo An initiative by thearistotle and PerryPal bananoLogo